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How It Works

Every patch will have a unique blend of nutrients that is in powder form mixed with a hypoallergenic adhesive. This formula is then coated onto a backing layer. When adhered to the skin, the nutrients may be absorbed directly into circulation.

The body’s biggest organ is the skin and it is able to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Our unique, sustained release delivery system uses the skin for the active ingredients to be slowly and continuously absorbed into the bloodstream. The topical wellness patch delivery is able to bypass the digestive system, allowing the user to get the most benefit from the supplements without the added fillers, dyes, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


    expert-approved assurance for your skin


    ethically sourced & sustainably produced


    no animal testing involved


    hassle-free returns


    Wellness patches provide a superior alternative to taking large oral pills because they eliminate gagging and foul after-taste while providing a convenient nutrient delivery method.


    Oral pills can cause stomach upset due to their coatings, additives, and chemicals. By allowing your skin to absorb the necessary vitamins, you can bypass the digestive process and avoid gastrointestinal issues.


    Oral vitamins may contain fillers and additives that you do not need in your body. Patch Lab wellness patches deliver only 100% natural vitamins to your body.


    Malabsorption is a digestive problem that prevents nutrient absorption. Using the skin to take vitamins ensures a consistent supply of essential supplements. Also, wellness patches bypass the first-pass metabolism of the liver, which helps protect it from damage.

Customer Reviews 🌟

Yes it works!

Last night I had about three glasses of white wine (and I am a light weight, you guys). I knew I would feel gross today, but after wearing the patch I didn't! I went to a farm with my family this morning, had a run, and had a completely normal day. It could all be my imagination but I don't think so, even my eyes were not as puffy as they normally are after drinking a couple of glasses of wine the night before. This is definitely worth a try if you are a light weight like me. Good thing there are 30 patches in a package - that's about a year of drinking for me!


The Pick me up I needed

Just the pick me up I needed on a sluggish afternoon. Skip the afternoon caffeine. No hassle patch, stick it & forget it. Enjoy the benefits. Will order more when I run out.


Energizing patches

These patches are a great value for money and extremely effective and easy to use.They are easy to travel and carry around as well as give you sustained jolt of energy.But I really like about them is the fact that how well they stick and how effectively they work throughout the next few hours after using them. I check these with my health care provider as well and they also thought these were pretty cool and something they haven't seen before. Overall quite happy with using them and if it cost is not an issue for you I would highly recommend these.

Sumit Gupta

Works like a charm

It was easy to use. Applied patch on after coming home from a night out. No nasty hangover the next day.


Highly effective Patch

Great quality, high absorption, the package comes with a good quantity and made me feel with more energy during the day.

Penélope Custodio


These work! Gave me a much needed boost of energy, full of vitamins and green tea extract, no chemicals or anything weird


Helps a lot

I am the type of person that seems to develop hangover symptoms regardless of the number of drinks that I have. I used this with the hope that it would help with my unique situation. I put the patch on prior to drinking as described and I can say that I did not feel the effects of drinking to the level I had before. In fact, I actually felt pretty good the next morning. I applied the patch to my wrist, and it stayed there, but I am not a restless sleeper. Removal in the morning was quick and easy. No discomfort at all. The only downside I experienced was a slight redness, likely from the adhesive. The list of ingredients feature the B vitamins which are very good and I don't think I get enough of anyway. I will continue using these for all my social events.


Just what we needed!

My adult daughter cannot function without a daily B12 -- no energy, falls asleep easily, fuzzy brain, etc -- but she HATES taking any pills or supplements. I got these hoping that they would help her through her day and they have delivered! In the past she would come home from a shift and directly pass out in bed and not wake for a good 10-12 hours. First day she used the patch she felt an upswing in energy within 15-20 minutes and was sustained through her whole shift. She still felt energized when she got home! She used another patch the next day and had the same results. Then she went a day without and her energy levels dropped again. Every day she's used a patch, she's been great. highly recommend!


Great for that one friend that’s fun, but not the next day

This works well to get any griping to subside from that bro that just won’t be quiet about his hangover. Works well and doesn’t require a pill so that’s attractive to some folks! This is pretty easy to forget about once you patch it on. Works like a charm.


Patch Lab Power Up! B12+ Energy Wellness Patch. Simple and easy to use. No discomfort or burning.

Overall: The Patch Lab Power Up! brand's "B12+ Energy Wellness Patch" is a great way to boost your energy levels naturally. It is safe, effective, and easy to use.


I like to stick it on when I'm going to go out drinking

I feel like the next day when I wake up, I am less hungover than I would be without it, may just be me, but it works for me that way. With less of a hangover I do have more energy, and feel better so it does what it states.


They really work!!

These are awesome! And they really work!! They give a nice, clean energy for half a day, at least!! I put mine on my back & still got good results. Definitely gonna buy again.


Helpful for that afternoon slump

The patches do help with that afternoon slump. They give you the extra energy you need to get through the work day afternoon. It doesn't give a big burst of energy, but an added boost for long days. I wear it under my shirt so that it isn't seen. The patch stayed on, and it did not hurt to remove it. The ingredients are all safe and healthy. I like the B vitamins that the patches supply.


Definitely gives me the boost of energy I need!!

As a mom of two younger children, my energy level is really low and I’m always tired. These patches give me the boost of energy I need to things accomplished throughout my day. I was surprised to feel so energized after putting on these patches. They stick on well for me and I normally put them on first thing in the morning. Great product!

Joanne jean-Louis


Is Bigger Better?

A larger wellness patch allows for a greater surface area of skin contact, facilitating enhanced absorption of essential nutrients.

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Yes, definitely!

Patch Lab Wellness Patches are 125% larger than the usual patches in the market and that means more vitamins and faster absorption for you.


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